Cured Meats


Italfine Proscuitto di Parma

Aged a minimum of 450 days ensures this sweet and tender Proscuitto   

$13 per 1/2 lb


La Quercia Rossa Heirloom Proscuitto  

Berkshire Pork - rich buttery texture, subtle nutty flavors

$13 per 1/2 lb


La Quercia Speck Americano 

Delicately applewood smoked & extra curing time enhance the richness of this Speck

$16 per 1/2 lb


La Quercia Coppa Americana 

Touch of smokiness complimented by rich dusky cocoa

$13 per 1/2 lb


La Quercia Coppa Piccante

Hand rubbed with smoked Pimenton de la Vera Picante 

from Spain, red pepper and cumin.

$13 per 1/2 lb


Fra’Mani Salame Rosa 

Studded with pistachios, slow roasted with hint of hickory


Fra’Mani Nostrano

Classic northern Italian mild salame with hints of garlic, 

white wine and black pepper

$15 per 1/2 lb


Fra’Mani Toscano

Traditional Tuscan Salami with red wine, black pepper,

garlic and sea salt

$15 per 1/2 lb


Fra’Mani Soppressata

Coarsely ground, mildly seasoned with clove, salt, pepper

& white wine

$15 per 1/2 lb


Fra’Mani Salametto

Small, coarse ground, garlic scented. Rich color, full flavor. Great for picnics.

$15 per 1/2 lb


Fra’Mani Salametto Piccante

Spanish-influenced dry chorizo. Seasoned with pimenton de la Vera. Piquant and slightly smoky.

$15 per 1/2 lb


Molinari Finochiona

Absolutely unique salami scented with ground fennel 

$8 per 1/2 lb


Molinari Hot Salami

Just the right amount of spice!

$8 per 1/2 lb

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